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that shit is finna give me nightmares 


this game gives me such anxiety holy shit

Don't worry, it also gives us some, even if we made it... ;)

Is there a bug that the man wouldn't open the second door and he just walk though it?

i think so, i was wondering the same thing. in everyones play-throughs it does the same thing too. its kinda frustrating because i want to complete the game but cant get any further :

they are still not fixing the bug. Hope I can join the game soon

Hello there !
Thank you for your interest about our game !

Unfortunately, the team is very busy those days, due to work/school and all the projects that come along. But we took note of your bug and we will work on it as soon as we can !

Be sure that we will post a message when it will be fixed :)

Hello again !
The game has been fixed, so you should be able to finish this new version ;)

First of all, props to whoever did the kid's voice

She actually sounds like she's scared for her life 

seriously tho the scream gave me anxiety 

Thank you ! haha !
To reduce your anxiety, let me tell you a secret: this was recorded into a bathroom, as it was the quietest place of our jam site ! 

so creepy

Thanks a lot for your video :)